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analysis software analysis software - Hawkeye


  • Function:

    analysis, monitoring

  • Applications:

    for aeronautics

  • Other characteristics:



Real-time Analysis and Safety Monitoring

User-configurable screen layouts
Multi-screen operation
20 updates / s refresh rate
Alarms and warnings
Tracked modes and engine orders
Plot options include:

Campbell/Time-Frequency diagrams
Rotational Speed vs time
Waterfall plots
Phase vs time plots
Nyquist & Bode plots
Tracked order plots

Real time and safety monitoring is a vital part of the test process for rotating and reciprocating machinery. Traditionally this function has been carried out by a number of highly skilled Test Measurement Engineers watching arrays of small oscilloscopes and frequency analysers.

Modern test practices include a general increase in test size, leading to a number of impracticalities with the traditional methods.

The primary aim of the HawkEye is to provide real-time monitoring and safety-monitoring services on live data being acquired from one or more Hawk systems. HawkEye systems may be located physically close to the vehicle under test (in the control room for instance) or more remotely, depending on network architecture and client needs. The HawkEye uses a client/server architecture using TCP/IP messaging over an Ethernet transport layer.

The principles on which the HawkEye system design is based are flexibility and performance. Key concepts in the HawkEye design are listed below.