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Since the mid-1990s, Honeywell has produced and delivered more than 60,000 embedded global positioning system inertial navigation systems (EGI). Designed to provide maximum flexibility, our EGIs meet the most challenging military requirements, along with civil interoperability capabilities. Our products have a strong performance record for the most challenging navigation, pointing, stabilization and flight control applications.

The EGI family includes the H-764, in use on most military aircraft, and the FALCN, providing all the features and performance of the H-764 in a smaller package. The H-764 legacy uses a larger chassis to maintain commonality with legacy aircraft.

These systems are self-contained, all-attitude, tightly-coupled navigation systems that provide the following outputs:

linear and angular acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position, attitude (roll, pitch), platform azimuth, magnetic and true heading, altitude, body angular rates, time tags and coordinated universal time (UTC) synchronized time
Our EGIs provide a robust civil certification to DO-178 and DO-254, enabling much easier certification at the aircraft level for features such as automatic dependence surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), required navigation performance (RNP) / area navigation (RNAV), wide area application services (WAAS) and more. It meets export classification USML VIII(e).

With adversaries challenging the availability of GPS more and more each day, Honeywell has partnered with leading GPS anti-jam suppliers to provide an integrated, turn key solution that adds advanced anti-jam capability as an option for Honeywell’s EGIs.