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HFR5 series

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flight data recorder flight data recorder - HFR5 series


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    flight data recorder

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    for aircraft


For more than 60 years, Honeywell has been an industry leader in data recorders for the commercial aviation industry – also known on aircraft as “black boxes.” These critical devices passively collect large amounts of information from multiple sources during each flight – cockpit voice (CV) data, or communication between pilots in the cockpit as well as between pilots and air traffic controllers, and also flight data (FD), or how the aircraft systems perform in-flight. Flight recorders ensure that, in the event of an accident, investigators can use the data to learn more about the chain of events leading up to it. Read this infographic that explains how flight recorders work. Honeywell’s flight recorder products are described below.

Honeywell Connected Recorder-25
The newest Honeywell Connected Recorder – 25 (HCR-25) is made for commercial air transport aircraft to accommodate mandatory flight data recording and mandatory cockpit voice recording in a crash survivable memory unit. This recorder enables operators and manufacturers the option to access the data at all times, resulting in the potential for better maintenance predictability and operational insight through data analytics. In addition, in the event of an emergency, the data on board will be quickly accessible to investigators. The new HCR-25 will surpass the requirements of the upcoming 2021 European Aviation Safety Agency minimum 25-hour cockpit voice recording mandates. A variant of this recorder is available in a lightweight CVR/FDR/COMBI configurations. Read this infographic that explains how the HCR-25 recorder works.