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force tester / materials / aeronautical / automatic

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force tester / materials / aeronautical / automatic force tester / materials / aeronautical / automatic


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    aeronautical, automatic


Main functionsThe vertical impact drop tester (dynamic shock test bench) is ideal for characterizing the shock resistance of a product (specimen or component) for measuring its energy absorption capacity or for checking its proper functioning after impact ("shock resistant").The shock is ensured by a drop weight which strikes the sample with heights and a mass which are adjustable by the operators. A set of high-frequency sensors enables to measure the force, position and speed of the weight during impact. The machine is fully secured thanks to its system of protective casings, which avoids any risk of projection during the impact tests. Operating modeThe user places the specimen to be tested in complete safety. After selecting the weight value and the drop height, the machine automatically adjusts the drop height and releases the weight on the test specimen. Measurements of height, speed, force and energy are automatically recorded at high frequency during the impact. An automatic analysis system makes it possible to calculate the impact energy, the energy absorbed and the energy returned.