mapping UAS / inspection / agricultural / for firefighting
Indago UAS



  • Applications:

    mapping, inspection, agricultural, for firefighting

  • Type:


  • Maximum altitude:

    Min.: 10'00" (3 m)

    Max.: 500'00" (152 m)

  • Endurance:

    50 min

  • Payload:

    200 g (7.1 oz)


The Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies Indago quadrotor unmanned aerial system (UAS) goes beyond an average drone’s capabilities. With its leading endurance and quick deployment ability, Indago gives civilians and warfighters an eye-in-the sky in just minutes. The UAS, along with its payload options and advanced ground control software, helps users to accomplish diverse missions including precision agriculture, firefighting, first response, and mapping, surveying and inspections.
Deployed in minutes
The collapsible Indago quadrotor UAS weighs less than 5 lbs. and folds into a man-packable unit that requires no tools for assembly. Indago can be unfolded in 60 seconds, and airborne in just 2.5 minutes.