aircraft hangar / temporary / for airports



  • Applications:

    for aircrafts

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  • Domain:

    for airports


Losberger RDS offers complete solutions from design to manufacture and installation of airport terminals for temporary and semi - permanent applications.

The Flexiterminal ® allows to respond quickly and effectively to an increase of passenger flow or a disturbed traffic. Even voluminous or special cargo can be easily managed. Provisional terminals are often needed during expansion or renovation works, reconstruction of existing facilities or major events. All our structures meet snow and wind resistance standards of the erecting location. Technical support is carried out by our engineers and technicians all over the world.

Our structures are made of profiled aluminum frame and polyester PVC coated fire - resistant (M2 standard) canvas covers. The walls are made of "sandwich panels" of different thicknesses according to the criteria of insulation and acoustic performance you request. Several dimensions and shapes can be offered, our structures are renowned for being flexible and adaptable while being easy and quick to install. The Flexiterminal ® solution offers the same operating conditions as hard structures, a very efficient thermal / acoustic insulation and simple maintenance.