carbide drill bit / for metals / for aeronautics



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    for metals

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    for aeronautics


Bores can be machined with these more quickly and more efficiently without having to lose reaming quality. Optimisation and rationalisation are always given prime position. And by using MEGA-Drill-Reamers on machining centres, the main and ancillary times can be clearly reduced – on transfer lines a complete station can be dispensed with.

With MEGA-Drill-Reamers, which are supplied with MxF coating as standard, two drilling flutes first machine into the solid. According to the type being used, either four or six reaming flutes then carry out the finish machining and guarantee as good a surface finish, dimensional stability and concentricity as with reaming.

Despite the larger number of flutes and guide chamfers, the MEGA-Drill-Reamers can be reground easily and to high precision. These tools can be used for numerous applications, for example location bores in cylinder heads, crank cases or transmission housings.