aircraft airspeed indicator / analog / illuminated / 3-inch
LUN 1114



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    for aircrafts

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Airspeed Indicators are intended for use on aircraft to indicate the speed relative to the air at MSL and are used at any other altitude to indicate the equivalent speed corresponding to the actual force of the air. When properly connected to an airspeed tube, mounted so as to be in undisturbed air, the airspeed indicator measures the differential pressure developed between the pitot and static opening. This pressure is indicated in units of airspeed (kts, mph, km/h). The instrument consists of an indicated airspeed pointer and a pointer showing the maximum operating speed of the aircraft (Vmo - set according to customer requirements), which is dependent on barometric altitude. There can be built-in signalization of Vmo. The instrument is manufactured for different speed ranges, up to 300 kts (600 km/h) according to the model. The instrument face can be customised according to customer requirements. There is also a version with an illuminated instrument face (supply voltage: 5, 14, 28 V - according to customer requirements). This instrument fulfills the requirements and methodology rules TSO-C46a and RTCA/DO – 160C.