baggage lifting machine / for airports
VTU 420 / 660



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    for airports


High-performance and powerful like a giraffe

Surmount heights exactly and safely. With its precise and high-performance lifting unit, the m06 »VTU« lifter achieves a real feat of strength – and with ease! The conveyor element installed on the lifter is raised and lowered precisely by a lifting unit with two steel-reinforced toothed belts. This maintenance-free lifting system has proven itself in practice for decades. As many intermediate positions as you like can be reached between the upper and lower end positions. The light but sturdy box girder of the lift mast, which is designed to be se- parable aloft, forms the backbone of the lifter together with the guide rails. Use in conveyor systems with tubs is also possible: a corresponding conveyor element is installed to this end.