air-cushion lifting system / for aircrafts / for airports
Mustlift® MARS



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for aircrafts

  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Carrying capacity:

    Max.: 60 t (66.139 us ton)

    Min.: 15 t (16.535 us ton)


Mustlift® MARS Lifting Bags is a mobile rescue and response equipment for lifting planes off the slopes or in critical situations. It consists of inflatable lifting bags and their control pannel. Their speed of implementation, their reliability and their exceptional stability make them a real asset during these emergency lifting operations.
Our aircraft recovery lifting bags range adapts to a wide range of aircraft (A380, Mirage, F18, A320, B747 ...). The standard capacity of the lifting bags varies from 15 to 60 tons per module.

Why use aircraft recovery lifting bags?

• Exceptional stability
• Security
• Resistant
• Ease of implementation
• Long service life

Equipment and additional options

• Control pannelwith individual pressure ratio of each cushion
• Ground sheet
• Compressed air generator
• Cold start of the air generator
• Generator set included with air generator
• Unloaders and fuel tanks
• towing kits
• Fastening kits
• Defueler for pumping fuel
• A training center in France allows you to practice alongside professional instructors of the use of equipment on one of our aircraft