single free flight harness / airbag / reversible



  • Number of people:


  • Other characteristics:

    airbag, reversible

  • Weight:

    2.2 kg (4.85 lb)


The comfort of a unique experience
Comfort is the first step to enjoyment. The Watson's ergonomic design provides total comfort thanks to the foam seat and backrest and the use of a fastening system fully adaptable to each passenger.
Safety from start to finish
Thanks to the Square Buckle fastening system and an airbag with optimised ease of inflation, safety is assured from the moment of take off to landing and throughout the flight.
Reversible for better transportability
Not only great in flight, the harness is simple to carry on the ground. The Watson easily transforms into a backpack that makes carrying the helmet and all the personal belongings of the passenger simplicity itself.