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100 - 200kN turbofan / for airliners

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100 - 200kN turbofan 100 - 200kN turbofan - D-30KU/KP


  • Thrust:

    100 - 200kN

  • Applications:

    for airliners


The D-30KU/KP - family of the turbofan engines for commercial mainline and cargo / transport aircraft.

UEC-Saturn is a basic company for production and MRO of the D-30KU/KP engines, enjoying the right of the D-30KU/KP engines designer.

To ensure the flight safety, UEC-Saturn has prepared a complete list of the D-30КP/КP-2 engines, which have the reliable data about its latest repair / overhaul and service life extension in accordance with all requirements of Russian Airworthiness Authorities.

Design features
• 3 stages low pressure compressor

• 11 stages high pressure compressor

• cannular combustor (12 flame tubes)

• 2 stages high pressure turbine

• 4 stages low pressure turbine

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