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acoustic bird scare / radar / with laser / portable



  • Type:

    acoustic, radar, with laser

  • Mobility:


  • Domain:

    for airports


Traditionally, gas cannons and pyrotechnics have been used to disperse birds from airports / aircraft landing paths, and other sites. The gas cannon works by igniting the mixture of gas and air under pressure, with the frequency of detonation regulated either by adjusting the gas feed or with an automatic timing device.

Habituation seems to be the main reason for their loss of effectiveness; a cannon firing repeatedly quickly loses its potential to scare birds. Pyrotechnics include a wide variety of noise-producing cartridges usually fired from rockets or rope bangers, or on aerodromes from modified pistols or shotguns which produce a loud bang and emits flashes of light. Though pyrotechnics are an effective method of bird scaring, their use is a labour intensive method of bird scaring, and their regular use in large numbers is expensive and ineffective due to bird habituation.

In contrast Bird Deterrence options for the OIS-AT Bird Detection and Monitoring Radar System (BDMRS) are based on an automated System which interfaces the BDMRS with a variety of non-lethal Bird Deterrent devices like the Long Range Acoustic Device and Bird Control (eye safe) Laser Systems. Under the automated control of the BDMRS Bird Deterrence is effective and efficient compared to more manual and outdated deterrence
systems currently in use.