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inspection UAV / mapping / surveillance / agricultural



  • Applications:

    inspection, mapping, surveillance, agricultural, search and rescue

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    electric motor, mini

  • Endurance:

    Min.: 45 min

    Max.: 70 min

  • Payload:

    500 g (17.6 oz)


Assembled Today, Designed for Forever
Captor is a 3D printed, vertical takeoff and landing drone for photogrammetry, geospatial survey and close inspections. Designed to be assembled in seconds, with the capacity to carry different payloads and spares that can be reprinted in hours. The end result? A scalable platform that eliminates downtime and increases mission capabilities.

Scale Up. Whenever
Captor is designed to grow with your needs. The platform comes with a complete set of hardware and software to get you started. The latest in sensor and camera technology is upgradeable and interchangeable at any time. Furthermore, future software and hardware upgrades are pushed by email.