performance paraglider / mountain / single



  • Applications:

    performance, mountain

  • Maximum passengers:


  • Maximum load:

    Max.: 105 kg (231 lb)

    Min.: 55 kg (121 lb)

  • Wingspan:

    Max.: 10.1 m (33'01")

    Min.: 8 m (26'02")

  • Wing surface:

    Max.: 18 m² (193.8 ft²)

    Min.: 13.9 m² (149.6 ft²)

  • Weight:

    1.3 kg, 1.4 kg (2.87 lb)


The XXLite 2 is a single-surface ultra-lightweight mountain wing designed for serious Hike & Fly pilots and alpinists. This all-new wing delivers significantly improved performance and handling with a higher trim speed and easier landing, compared to its predecessor.

The first of its kind in 2012, the XXLite was one of the most unique and innovative paragliders to ever be put into production. The XXLite series still offers the lightest aircraft in existence when combined with the OZONE F*Lite.

The XXLite 2 features a unique full span leading edge ram-air inflated tube. This provides a solid leading edge, which accepts lower angles of attack, yielding a higher trim speed and further acceleration. Now comparable with a dual-surface wing, the new speed range widens the safe flyable window and improves performance in real conditions.

The inflation characteristics are still ridiculously easy. The wing feels light and easy to raise overhead – even without touching the risers. The take-off speed is low, allowing you to leave the ground with just a few steps. Most significantly, the landing is vastly improved. The new flare performance allows soft, controlled landings, even in zero wind conditions.