3-seater private plane / single-engine / piston engine / instructional



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    piston engine

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Over the past five years, sales of Piper training aircraft have increased more than 93%, with the single engine Piper Archer leading the demand. As a result of this growth and given the current industry forecast for the next twenty years, Piper Aircraft has identified a need for a new primary trainer aircraft. One that incorporates the robust pedigree of a true training platform and at a price point that can support the growing demand for pilots at training academies of all sizes.

The 2018 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook currently projects that 790,000 new civil aviation pilots will be needed to fly the world fleet over the next 20 years. The forecast is inclusive of the commercial aviation and business aviation industries and stems from a mix of fleet growth, retirements, and attrition.

“Meeting the unprecedented demand with quality products can be enabled by combining Piper Aircraft’s vertically integrated production approach, simple aircraft designs, and working in the latest technology with key vendors,” said Piper President and CEO, Simon Caldecott. “We have identified an opportunity for a new, primary, single engine training product that offers Piper durability at a price point so that a wide spectrum of training provider’s can have access to real world training platforms. Future professional pilots need professional training equipment as do all training programs.”