towed hydrant cart
Towable Hydrant Carts



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Hydrant Carts
ProFlo manufacture Towable Hydrant Carts built in accordance with JIG, NFPA and ATA 103

450 GPM (1,700 LPM) Towable Hydrant Cart

•Stainless steel and aluminum construction
•Axle running gear w/interlocked tow bar
•4’’ API inlet coupler w/interlocked holder
•3’’ x 21.5’ API inlet hose w/test certificate
•OPW aluminum inlet swivel w/shutoff valve
•6th edition monitor vessel w/pressure relief, air eliminator, in/out Millipore fittings, spring loaded drains and 2’’ 6th edition elements
•Stainless steel piping w/flanged connections
•Meter w/electronic register head and Epson TMU-295 electronic ticket printer
•Single-wrap hose reel constructed from aluminum w/flanged inlet swivel and electronic rewind
•Underwing nozzle w/45-PSI HECV, 100-mesh strainer, swivel inlet, dust cap and interlocked holder
•Stainless steel control panel w/Pit inlet pressure gauge, nozzle pressure gauge, differential pressure gauge w/high-DP shutdown, Deadman timer light
•Electric Deadman controls w/timer system
•LED lighting system for night operation
•4-liter visual sampler
• Manual rewind static reel
•Brake interlock system w/override and indication lights
•(2) Fire extinguishers w/holder
•Emergency fuel shutoff system
•Stainless steel sense and drain lines
•Product recovery tank w/depressurization system
•Solar powered electrical system
•Fuel/fuel control system