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air-cushion lifting system / for aircraft / for airports

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air-cushion lifting system air-cushion lifting system


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Carrying capacity:

    60 t (66.139 us ton)


The PRONAL aircraft lifting bag (PARC) represents the fruits of long-term and substantial experience in the manufacture of inflatable jacks. PRONAL is certified to ISO standard 9001, 2008 version.

The PARC is a one-piece product, formed from a fabric base coated on either side with synthetic rubber and assembled by hot vulcanization in a single operation.

PRONAL PARC products provide a dedicated lifting solution for aircraft which are immobilized under accident conditions.

Comprised of a number of independently-inflatable bags, for optimum adaptation to the curvature of aircraft fuselages and wings, these products can lift loads of up to 60 tonnes.

These products offer numerous benefits, including chemical compatibility with external agents (kerosene, Skydrol, etc.), easy installation associated with the marking system for the positioning of bags, and the use of high-quality raw materials and accessories as a guarantee of product durability.

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