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airliner Trim system / collective

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airliner Trim system airliner Trim system - T2-10A


  • Applications:

    for airliners

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Ray Allen trim Systems were designed specifically for experimental aircraft. Ray Allen servos are small enough to fit in individual control surfaces or can be used with lightweight springs acting directly on the control System. Ray Allen trim Systems also corne with RS2 rocker switches and RP4 LED indicators. Ail Ray Allen indicators operate off of feedback sensors located inside the servo. These feedback sensors are purposefully isolated from the power supply to the seno motor to guard against possible electronic failure. Ray Allen trim Systems also corne with a RC8-7 devis pushrod kit.
Ray Allen has the following trim Systems available, differentiated only by sen o travel length.
The T2-7A Trim System has .7 inch (17 mm) travel S305.
The T2-10A Trim System has 1.0 inch (26 mm) travel $305.
The T3-12A Trim System has 1.2 inch (31 mm) travel $325.
In addition, we also hâve available the T4-5 Trim System which has .5 inch (13 mm) travel for $285. NOTE: This sen o does not hâve a compatible indicator.