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Airshow 500



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    for aircraft cabins, for business aircraft


Airshow® 500 Moving Maps
Airshow® 500 is the first 3D moving map system designed and priced for light business jets. Airshow 500 comes fully loaded with worldwide maps that utilize NASA’s Blue Marble map data and many other features as standard upon delivery, including passenger selectable languages and settings adjustable anytime, anywhere. Bringing 3D moving-map capability to light business aircraft. The system has two installation options, flange or tray mount, and is lighter and more advanced than the Airshow 410 system it is designed to replace. The tray mount can be dropped in to replace an existing Airshow 410. The Airshow 500 supports SD-SDI, VGA and NTSC video output for display on a wide variety of legacy and modern monitors. With Airshow 500, your system is “fly-away” ready, with popular features such as languages and worldwide maps included. The settings editor provides on-aircraft control of the frequently customized aspects of the moving map to support unique preferences with no need for custom loadable software.