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airport security interlocking door / for access control / automatic
Gate Box El



  • Domain:

    for airports

  • Function:

    for access control

  • Other characteristics:



Gate Box EL
The exit lane with the highest security standards
A sister model to the interlocking security Gate Box door, designed especially with banks in mind, the Gate Box EL was created for access control in high-risk settings, such as airports, where it is mandatory to prevent transit of dangerous passengers or objects in the so-called sterile areas through passenger exit lanes, especially in high throughput areas.

In relation to the market standards, it is a compact automatic interlocking door, capable of detecting any dangerous object (knives, explosives, firearms etc), thus allowing transit with luggage. Considering the purpose it was designed for, SAIMA has created a structure in which the doors slide within specially-designed runners, to ensure no objects are passed under the wings. Another distinctive feature of the Gate Box EL, also tightly linked to its purpose, is simple access for all users including those with disabilities, as there is no danger of tripping and anti-slip flooring is installed.

Extra features and custom colors are also available for a structure that, thanks to the clear glass and the option of customizing the product so it fits seamlessly into its setting, is light. The Gate Box EL is mounted directly on existing flooring.