carbide drill bit / HSS / for metals / for aeronautics
Seco Feedmax™ SD230A



  • Material:

    carbide, HSS

  • Dispensed product:

    for metals

  • Other characteristics:

    for aeronautics

  • Wheel diameter:

    Max.: 20 mm

    Min.: 2 mm


Seco Feedmax solid carbide drills combine state-of-the-art carbide, coating and geometry technology into a unique high-performance tool.

Designed for high productivity and low cost per hole, Seco Feedmax enables high feeds up to 0.70 mm/rev (0.027 IPR) and high cutting speeds up to 220 meters/min (721 SFM). The self-centering geometry provides high hole quality with no need for center-drilling operations. A special TiAlN coating gives Seco Feedmax drills high hot hardness that, combined with a strong cutting edge, ensures long and predictable tool life.

Seco Feedmax drills feature high-strength carbide rods to minimize the risk of breakage and a low friction coating (TiAlN) for excellent chip evacuation. A protective corner chamfer further enhances application security.

Seco Feedmax includes a wide range of drills for different workpiece materials and applications including: M geometry for superalloys, T geometry for titanium alloys and aluminum, and N geometry for aluminum and non-ferrous materials. It is available in 3.5xD and 7xD with a diameter range of 2 - 20 mm (.078 - .787 inch). A range of small diameter drills ranging from 0.7 - 2.0 mm (.028 - .079 inch) is also available in lengths of 6xD. Other dimensions are available on request.