obstruction light / for airports / for aircrafts / LED



  • Type:


  • Domain:

    for airports, for aircrafts

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    red, medium-intensity


OBSTAFLASH LED is provided with 6
independent LED projectors 48V DC, powered
by a stainless steel POWER CABINET. Wiring
connector on the flash head included.
The device is designed with independent LED
circuits that in case of failure of one of these
allow 360° signalization and Cd requirements
according to the norm. Remote alarm indication
in the command box.
OBSTAFLASH LED is available in the following
LED versions: with red flashing light (50510-
50514), red steady light (50509-50515), white
flashing light (50508-50513), dual color flashing
light (50511-50516), white flashing light and red
steady (50512-50517). OBSTAFLASH LED is
the ideal solution for day and/or night marking
of all kind of obstacle higher than 45 meters. For
obstacles below 150 meters the use of white or
dual color L-865/L-864 during daytime obviates
the need to paint the obstacle with red and white
OBSTAFLASH LED shall be used with an external
photocell (see accessories section), connected to
the POWER CABINET and oriented to the North
(in the North Hemisphere).