metal 3D printer / SLM / for the aerospace industry



  • Printed material:


  • Heating technology:


  • Domain:

    for the aerospace industry

  • X travel:

    280 mm (11 in)

  • Y travel:

    280 mm (11 in)

  • Z travel:

    365 mm (14 in)


The SLM®280 Selective Laser Melting machine provides a 280 x 280 x 365 mm process chamber and patented multi-beam laser technology optimized for production. During the build process up to two chamber lasers, the optimum amount for mid-range machines, expose the build field via a 3D scan optic.​

This third-generation system focuses on increased robustness and consistent performance available in several configurations: single (1x 400 W or 1x 700 W), dual (1x 700 W and 1x 1000 W) or twin (2x 400 W or 2x 700 W) optics. Multi-laser systems can achieve build rates 80% faster than single laser machines. In addition, the patented bi-directional powder recoating decreases manufacturing time further by reducing the number of passes required to lay fresh powder during a build.

The SLM®280 enables the manufacture of complex metal components based on CAD data for series production with individual parameters. As an open system, there are many options for optimizing production processes with custom set process parameters, when required. Comprehensive quality assurance modules, such as Laser Power and Melt Pool Monitoring, are available for process documentation and transparency.