performance paraglider / single place
Agera RS

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performance paraglider / single place performance paraglider / single place - Agera RS


  • Applications:


  • Maximum passengers:

    single place

  • Maximum load:

    Min.: 65 kg (143 lb)

    Max.: 125 kg (276 lb)

  • Wingspan:

    Min.: 9 m (29'06")

    Max.: 13.6 m (44'07")

  • Wing surface:

    Min.: 17.7 m² (190.5 ft²)

    Max.: 29 m² (312.2 ft²)

  • Weight:

    Min.: 4.6 kg (10.14 lb)

    Max.: 5.7 kg (12.57 lb)


The new AGERA RS sees the introduction of the first EN-C glider to feature RAST!

We have combined RAST with an uncompromising performance profile. Through the synergies this produces, the AGERA RS is redefining the sport class and blurring the boundaries with the performance class.

Flight behaviour:

The AGERA RS is a high-performance wing that behaves like a 2-line glider.

It can be steered delicately and extremely precisely, meaning it is incredibly stable and can be controlled reliably even in strong turbulence. The communicative flight behaviour of the AGERA RS enables the pilot to “read the air” and to recognise and use even small up-currents.

The AGERA RS is completely in its element in strong conditions and conveys a sheer high performance feel:

Gliding through turbulence with razor-sharp precision at half or full throttle, combined with perfect pitch control through the C-Bridge, means cross-country freaks have everything they could ever want. Reaching the next thermal, the AGERA RS enters it purposefully, then playfully spirals up to cloudbase. At the same time it assists the pilot at all times with clear and direct feedback.