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PFD / touch screen / for aircrafts

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PFD / touch screen / for aircrafts PFD / touch screen / for aircrafts


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    touch screen

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    for aircrafts


Thales Synthetic Vision System provides pilots with clear and intuitive means of understanding their flying environment anytime, anywhere. It delivers a new piloting interface by replacing conventional sky and ground depiction on the Primary Flight Display (PFD) with a 3D representation of the external surroundings including terrain, obstacles and other topographical data or symbology features.
Thales SVS is a scalable and versatile solution designed to the meet the requirements of air transport, regional aircraft, business jet, helicopter and fighter aircraft either for head-down or eyes-out displays in the cockpit. It is the first certified SVS system to be onboard a commercial aircraft (ATR-600). The Thales SVS software application can be hosted either on Thales Avionics Systems or any other graphical platforms with OpenGL interface.

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