aluminum drill bit / for aeronautics / insert
Xtra·tec® B4213



  • Dispensed product:

    for aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    for aeronautics, insert


One of the major components of any aircraft is the landing gear. It absorbs the enormous forces on take-off and especially during landing. Besides the engine, the components used here are subject to the strictest demands in terms of reliability and functionality under extreme conditions. The main components of the landing gear are the landing gear support beams, master cylinders, hydraulic components, connecting elements, axles and wheels. While some aircraft models use aluminum, the most commonly used materials are alloyed steels and titanium.

The main types of machining used are 3- and 5-axis milling, boring and fine boring. The size of these components impos limitations on the machine environment. Large portal milling machines and mill-turn centres must be used. In addition, the users rely on multi-spindle machines with very high torque. Our industry specialists develop machining processes tailored according to component and material, using our high-tech tools for turning, boring and milling.​