paragliding reversible harness / single place / light / seated position



  • Type:

    for paragliding

  • Number of people:

    single place

  • Other characteristics:

    light, seated position, cocoon

  • Weight:

    Max.: 3.37 kg (7.43 lb)

    Min.: 2.92 kg (6.44 lb)


Technical data:
CertificationEN – LTF
Type of closing strap systemGet-Up with anti-forget system
Type of back protection16 cm foam protection and Lightshield protection (TÜV cat. 2)
Number of certificationEAPR-GZ-0831/18
Working load

120 daN
Rescue containerUnder the seat, with lateral handle
Volume of the reserve parachute housing3000 – 5000 cm3
Weight*2,92 Kg3,05 Kg3,28 Kg3,37 Kg
Distance between karabiner and seat46 cm48 cm50,5 cm52 cm
Karabiner-to-karabiner distance (min. max.)37,5 – 48 cm37,5 – 51,5 cm
Higher ballast capacity1 litre
Lower ballast capacity3,8 litres4,5 litres5,3 litres5,7 litres