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helicopter simulator / training / cockpit

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helicopter simulator / training / cockpit helicopter simulator / training / cockpit - XC-300R


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Modern, feature-rich basic aviation training devices have been a boon to both primary and recurrent flight training programs, saving time, money and producing more effective pilots.

The airplane world realized this years ago, as airplane flight simulators have pushed the state of the art, and simulation-heavy fixed-wing training programs have proliferated.

Yet among helicopter flight training providers, the simulator has largely gone underused. Only the most progressive and effective helicopter training institutions have embraced simulation as an essential component of their programs.

X-Copter represents the best of a new class of exceptionally versatile helicopter simulators that is raising the standard of helicopter flight training.

A helicopter grounded for any period of time represents lost revenue.

Bad weather, maintenance overhauls, accidents, and scheduling conflicts are all unavoidable realities of flight training.

Basic aviation training devices do not represent an alternative to in-aircraft flight training, but a complement to it. When weather presents a safety concern, or an overhaul is extended, the hours that would have been lost waiting for aircraft to become available can be utilized running scenarios in the X-Copter.