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flight analysis software / inflight flight analysis software / inflight - WEIGHT & BALANCE


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    flight analysis

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“Any aircraft has taken off, in addition to high tactical flight data, should be well balanced, steady and at the same time well managed. Fulfillment of these requirements is a complex constructive task. “

Flight can be divided into three main stages: takeoff, flight and landing. The flight itself can be divided into horizontal flight mode, climb or descent and maneuvering. At all stages of the flight, the aircraft must be balanced.

What does it mean balanced? Mathematically, this means that the sum of all the forces and moments acting on the plane is zero. This is achieved using the steering wheels of the aircraft. What happens if the pilot cannot balance the plane? This is clearly demonstrated to us by the participants of the Red Bull Flugtag show.

An imbalance leads to the appearance of unbalanced aerodynamic forces and moments that can return the aircraft to an equilibrium state or conversely reject it even more.

The developed W&B system allows you to correctly distribute passengers, baggage, cargo to the cabin and cargo compartments of the aircraft for the most safe and comfortable flight.

More than 40 million flights are performed annually
• Overall number of transported passengers has exceeded 4 Bln per year
• Cargo volumes are growing
• Aviation Fuel prices are high and airlines are concerned
• Qualified staff is an issue in a lot of places worldwide
• Minimize “human factor” errors
It became obvious that a solution able to perform Weight & Balance computations
fast and in an optimal way is in demand to provide highest level of Passengers
Safety and achieve Fuel Economy.