Who we are

Located in Ardèche since 1982, Air Creation, one of the first French company involved in the design and manufacture of Flexwing & Ultra Light Aircraft, is the world leader in the market for Ultralights from the weightshift category, also named “Trikes” or “Motorized Delta”.

The passion of its founders, Jean-Yves Le Bihan and Gilles Bru (today, respectively Director and Head of R & D), has caused remarkable growth over the years. The company, by 2015, has 30 employees and had already produced more than 7000 aircraft.

The experience of Air Creation team has been enriched over the years, combined with the powerful tools of CAD/CAM in the design office, allow the company to maintain an unchallenged technological edge.

Constant innovation has led to the development of models that extend the flight of ultralight trikes, their comfort and their safety. Thus, the Tanarg Trike with the BioniX wing, the flagship of our airfleet, with its patented control configuration system – The Corset ® (Air Creation Patent) – provides for flight pleasure, design and performance … breathtaking!

Air Creation‘s reputation was built on the simple values of quality and safety. The exceptional performance of ultralight products constitute an unparalleled track record, resulting in international recognition of the quality of these aircraft.
Many times Champion of France, European and World Champion, Air Création holds most of the official World Records approved by the F.A.I. ( Federation Aeronautique Internationale : :

Our values

Many ultralights age badly and become difficult to resell after some years of use.

But because they are robust and reliable, designed for flight off the beaten track, AIR CREATION trikes wear well and are sought after on the second hand market. They benefit from holding their value.

AIR CREATION still maintains and repairs the first aircraft we built, more than 25 years ago.

AIR CREATION courses to train the professionals

Each winter, AIR CREATION organizes training courses to improve service, maintenance and repair of their aircraft. Open to professionals in the industry from all over the world, participants in the training programs receive certificates. The aim is to give customers the absolute assurance that their aircraft will always be maintained by qualified personnel.

After-sales service

> With our “Online” shop:
A Website that allows you to prepare your orders online and send them directly to our After-Sales service.

We constantly maintain a large inventory of parts and engines.
We ship parts throughout the world upon receipt of your order confirmation.
We do our utmost to minimize the downtime of your aircraft and the inconvenience this entails.

Our presence around the world