Who we are

Since 1982, Air Création has been writing the history of light aviation as a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of Powered Ultralight Aircraft of the trike type . Our company, nestled in the heart of southern France, in Ardèche, is where innovation and a passion for aviation converge.

We take pride in offering an extensive range of microlight that cater to the diverse aspirations of pilots from around the world. Whether it's for the pure joy of flying, long-distance exploration, training, aerial photography, parachute drops, competition, or scientific missions, our aircraft provide the perfect blend of versatility and performance to meet all requirements.

At Air Création, our mission is to go beyond the known horizons of trikes microlight. Our expertise, combined with a dedicated team and the use of cutting-edge technologies, enables us to reach new heights in terms of comfort, performance, reliability, sturdiness, and safety.

We are proud ambassadors of French aeronautical craftsmanship, and our microlight grace the skies of every continent, carrying with them our passion for aviation.

The history of Air Création is the result of the unquenchable passion of our founders, Gilles BRU & Jean-Yves LE BIHAN, two visionary pilots who assembled an exceptional team. From humble beginnings in a small workshop, we have evolved into a production factory, revolutionizing the trike of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Our values

Since our beginnings in 1982, our core mission has been to contribute to the development of ultralight aviation while preserving the essential values of the trikes microlight: accessibility, pleasure, and simplicity. Today, we wish to share with you the values that guide each of our endeavors, as you are at the heart of our commitment to light aviation.

The Passion for Flying, for the Skies! Aviation is not merely an activity for us; it is a profound passion deeply rooted in our souls. We understand that you don't choose a microlight at random; it's primarily a childhood dream, a desire to touch the clouds like a bird. It is this idea that gave birth to the first Air Création microlight.

Continuous Innovation! We are constantly driven by a desire to innovate. Our products are ever-evolving to the extent that trikes coming out of our production lines today are vastly different from those of the 80s. Innovation is not limited to our aircraft; it also encompasses our design and manufacturing methods to offer you the best in terms of performance and safety.

Sustainability of Our Aircraft and Teams. When you choose Air Création, you are opting for a sustainable environment. Our microlights withstand the test of time, with some still in service after more than 30 years. Our team consists mainly of colleagues who have been by your side for many years, bringing their expertise and dedication to every step.

Safety for All. Your safety is our top priority. We have established strict procedures, rules, and innovations to make flying safer. Our microlights are exclusively equipped with engines designed for leisure aviation, and each new model undergoes rigorous real-world testing to ensure your safety.

Unwavering Quality. Whether in our services or our products, we strive to provide the best quality to all our pilots. You receive tailored service from the start of your project, with our team by your side to help you choose, customize, and maintain your trike. Our microlights are meticulously crafted, far more than mere flying machines—they are genuine treasures for lovers of flight.

Our presence around the world