ATEQ Aviation Division

Who we are


ATEQ Aviation is a worldwide manufacturer of automated testers for all types of aircrafts. In order to assist aviation manufacturing and maintenance, ATEQ has developed a complete range of products and customized hardware and software solutions, adapted to all industry requirements: pneumatic, electric and electronic safety testing systems.

Cobra Systems, an ATEQ company since 2018, manufactures Pitot-Static adapters, accessories and covers.

ATEQ engineers sell and service the Aviation product line to more than 1,000 customers worldwide. More than 20 engineers work all year long to improve the measurement quality of ATEQ’s systems and create the best Aviation test tools in the industry.

ATEQ Aviation is a division of ATEQ Group the number one supplier of automatic leak testing machines and leak test systems for assembly lines and laboratories.

Few bullet points which characterize ATEQ Group :

- 4 Business actitivies (Leak testi,g, TPMS, Aviation, E-mobility)
- 701 employees worldwide - 157 M€ Turn Over - 930,000 instrument sold - 40 Subsidiaries/8 Agencies - more than 5 000 customers - 48 Years of continuous innovation with 24/ 7 worldwide support no matter of the time of day we have an ATEQ service centre that can be contacted in one of 42 countries worldwide.
- Head Office in France and 9 Production Plants in France, USA, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan and Thailand.

- Cobra Systems are now part of the ATEQ family with its great product range of Pitot/Static test adapters. Cobra Systems is a manufacturer of Pitot-Static adapters, accessories and covers.
- Types of testers : Air Data Test Sets, Battery Charger Analysers, Battery Testers, Bonding & Loop Resistance Systems, along with the COBRA Systems Pitot/Static adapters & accessory kits.
- Applications : Pitot/Static pressure tests| Battery charge - discharge for maintenance, certification, training and homologation of all industrial battery types | Loop Resistance and Bonding measurement.
- Stand Alone Test Sets, with complete Pitot/Static Adapter Kits and even or individual Pitot/Static adapters for all requirements
- ISO 9001, ISO 17025 : A2LA Certified, ISO 14001 Certification
- Worldwide after-Sales and Services : Repair, Calibration, Training sessions.
- R&D : tailor-made products and with 10 patents / year (total 142 patents).
- Thanks to our R&D Department, ATEQ Aviation is constantly developing new products and new solutions for the Avionic Market ; feel free to share your needs and/or requirements and let's find a solution together.

Our values

Why we are No. 1 on Automotive & Commercial Vehicle Aftermarkets, OEMs and Assembly Lines

“Over 40 years ago, ATEQ was built with the vision to service customers throughout the world with our own local engineers and technicians. This vision made us a global leader in industrial testing equipment. Today, it surprises me that we are still very few in this industry to think this way, especially since this vision has evolved us as the reference guide in the industry with car manufacturers and their customers.”

Jacques Mouchet, Founder