Who we are

It all began with an idea, in 1956. An idea that would later transform the general aviation industry and inspire entire generations of pilots. Max Egon Becker founded Becker with a genuine passion for aerospace and a dream to build innovative high-tech aircraft radios, in a compact and modular design, based on the famous Becker luxury automobile radios of that time.

Particularly appreciated for their small size and weight, the Becker radios soon became the reference in the glider pilot community. With the introduction of radar-based air traffic surveillance, Becker then expanded its portfolio by offering mode A/C and later mode S transponders with the same care for reduced formats.

Max Egon’s son, Roland, driven by his father’s visionary ideas, has continued this success story by growing the brand’s commercial and industrial footprints around the globe. The company was able to complement along the years its portfolio in order to serve the business and commercial aviation industry, the air traffic management sector, as well as the special mission and military market, with constantly improved and safer products, designed in the pure tradition of German engineering.

This innovative spirit and dedication to hard work created a legacy of undisputed reliability and premium customer care for more than six decades.

Today, proud of this heritage, we supply communication, navigation, surveillance and digital intercom systems to the most reputed airframers, OEMs, air navigation services providers and governmental organizations.

Our values

Our broad product portfolio and our global presence make us somewhat unique on the market place, given our size and history.

We believe that this is our strength: a company small enough to stay flexible and customer focused, but big enough to meet your expectations of worldwide customer service and quick turn around times.

When you buy something for your own use, you expect it to do what it says and that it is worth the money you spent. We at Becker believe that these basics should be exceeded, because aviation requires more than just ok. Our quality control system ensures that no tolerance is left for doubts or surprises. This applies throughout our entire product line, no matter if you buy a radio for you Cessna 172 or for your fleet of Bell 429 helicopters. We make sure that the same manufacturing standards are used for all our products. That is why Becker has been able to act as a key player in the aerospace business for over six decades with a reputation for delivering equipment with outstanding reliability.

Our promise is simple: we work hard every day to keep you safe.

Our presence around the world