Who we are

Bliss-Fox Panus GSE are the manufactures of a wide range of GSE products and
services for aviation ground support providers to help them provide an outstanding
operational service to their airline customers. We have a long history of over 55 years
of designing and manufacturing a wide range of push back tractors including our
A380 capable FOX-70D model. Over the years we have added to our product range
in order to provide our valued customers with customized solutions from their
trusted supplier.
Following the acquisition of Bliss-Fox by Panus Assembly in 2014, we have not only
increased our product range we have expanded our service offerings to include the
refurbishment of GSE, rental and lease options, on-site maintenance support and
a dedicated customer care team of experts to provide highly effective technical
and spare parts support to maximize the operational up time of GSE.
Providing local support is a strategic aim of Bliss-Fox to enable us to provide the most
comprehensive after sales support to our customers. In 2017 Bliss-Fox Malaysia was
established to meet the growing demand in the Malaysian and Indonesian markets.
A dedicated team based in Kuala Lumpur provides immediate parts and technical
support, backed up by the full weight of support by the factory based team in
Thailand. In 2019 Bliss-Fox opened additional local support centers in Korea and
the Philippines.
Recent years has seen Bliss-Fox ramp up its efforts to develop its green product line
of electrically powered GSE. In 2019 Bliss-Fox developed electrically powered aircraft
pushback tractors for its 15t and 28t range with more products to following in 2021.
The latest design development is our innovative modular chassis and body that can be
fitted with either a fossil fuel engine and drive train or an electric power pack.
This maximizes commonality of structural parts, enhances production throughput and
makes it very easy to upgrade from diesel to electric in the future to help customers
meet their green ambitions.

Our values

Guiding Principles
Bliss-Fox is guided by 5 principles that underpin our commitment to provide
personalised service offerings to our customers and deliver equipment that is
safe, fit for purpose, reliable, well-supported and cost effective.
1. We listen and act upon the voice of the customer
2. We build strong partnerships with our customers
3. We deliver against our promises
4. We commit to delivering a best in class after sales service
5. We continuously innovate and improve our products
Our people are the beating heart of Bliss-Fox; safety, respect for each other and
the environment, integrity, teamwork and continuous improvement are all embedded
in the way we think and work. We are one team, passionate about what we do
and aligned in our efforts to serve our customers.