Who we are

Champion Door is an industrial door manufacturer with a solid experience in international projects. The company's main products include large vertical lifting fabric fold-up doors for industrial use, multi-part hold-up doors for aircraft hangars, doors for crane opening, harbour and shipyard doors, and fire roller doors. All doors are designed and manufactured individually to meet client needs.

A Champion Door hangar door is reliable, long-lasting and does not require much maintenance. It endures heavy-duty industrial wear and its maintenance costs are low. The hangar doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature; they are resistant to dirt, dust and wear, and stand up to even the most violent winds.

Our values

We keep our promises. Champion Door is an innovative and customer-oriented partner, always try to find best, tailored solution to solve customers problem. Champion Door is a time-honored family company, strength made by long-lasting customer relationships.

Our presence around the world