Who we are

We are an argentine company developing and producing light helicopters for personal use.
Worldwide recognized as a leader in light helicopter development with a presence in more than 25 countries around the world, with more than 100 units.

Augusto Cicaré: 60 year-experience and a natural talent for creation and innovation. Research & Development oriented: Global precursor on various systems and solutions:
- CICARÉ CH-1: First helicopter made in Latin America (1958).
- CICARÉ CH-4 (1980). One of the first ultralight helicopters worldwide.

- Own patents on unique systems such as commands and others.
- The one and only non-virtual flight trainer. A real helicopter.
- Strategic alliances, and technical and commercial cooperation with aviation leaders worldwide.
- Joint developments with Armed Forces.

Our values

Dream - Believe - Fly

Our presence around the world