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Who we are

Since 1982, DENGE is serving to different industries with its wide range of products. These products are being marketed in Turkey and in more than 60 countries worldwide. Please see our references in the relevant page of this website.

DENGE, categorizes its products in to 3 respectively as; Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) and Cargo Transfer Systems. Besides these manufacturing range, DENGE is the representative for some respectful European brands to cover customer needs for Turkish and some close territory markets.

Located in between the connection point of Eurpoe and Asia, i.e. Istanbul, DENGE is based in an industrial zone which is 10 minutes drive to Atatürk Airport. Being very closed to its suppliers, DENGE has a very flexible production capactiy which can be doubled easily in order to cover the quick customer needs, as well as which can be reduced down in order to minimize the costs to have the customer the stable and fixed prices. DENGE has 3 manufacturing units in Istanbul at a total of approximately 8.400 sqm, where each is 4.500 sqm, 2.500 sqm, and 1.400 sqm respectively.

Moreover, DENGE has a land of approximately 18.000 sqm in Sakarya city, another industrial city, with a 2.000 sqm factory which has been operated since 2007. In 2014, with a re-construction of 3.800 sqm of a new manufacturing plant, DENGE has created extra capacity to supply the increasing demands to DENGE brands. Currently DENGE, performs it's productions in 12200m2 indoors of total area of 26000m2.

DENGE has its certifications of ISO 9001:2015 for its quality assurance and CE for its products which improves all the processes within the company day by day. On the other hand, DENGE tries to keep the competition on a fair level against “copier” manufacturers, by having its 3D desings for parts and components patented and petty patented. Moreover, in order to adapt the changing requirements of the markets, in its 35th year, DENGE has launched electrical powered equipment to its range to continue the leadership and innovative aspect of the company.

DENGE`s Vision is to be a globally preferred Ground Support Equipment manufacturer for industry professionals, and its Mission is to support this Vision.

The DENGE Executive Team believes in managing all of its processes for the continued improvement of our products, services and the environment, for our generation today and future generations to come. DENGE Management is strongly committed to this philosophy.

Our values

Denge has all industry-standard certifications for both the Company and its products and on tıo of these DENGE has its values above all which are mainly;

* integrity
* honesty
* fairness & innovativeness
* ingenuity
* originality & environmentalism
* sustainability
* affordability