DETEKTIN - Revendeur exclusif de NUCTECH

Who we are

Specialist in distribution of detection equipment, Detekt'In focuses on its core activity of NI security inspection. Because the international environment is looking for stability, think security, detection of explosives or narcotics, x-ray scanners, or vehicle inspection is your daily concern and ours.

Detekt'In's ambition is to anticipate the needs of its customers, secure their investments, support their projects while providing local support. We want to assist them in the security challenges, an area subject to strict requirements conformity and stringent international regulations. We imagine new solutions and work to provide turnkey solutions, whether applicable at the present or in the future. In order to guarantee an answer adapted to the specific needs of its customers, Detekt'In works in close collaboration with the company Nuctech, world leader and pioneer company in the design and manufacture of security products and solutions. This partnership allows us not only to develop our presence in the synergistic markets of aviation, infrastructure and control at ports and borders, but also to provide our customers with the most advanced technologies at the cutting edge of innovation.

Detekt'In was created by 3 partners with more than 40 years of experience in the field of safety and security, but also in baggage handling, automated systems control, perimeter control and access security. Detekt'In is present in France and Morocco to sustain its activities in Europe and Africa.

Our values

Engineered Solutions

Equip yourself with adapted products and solutions: X-ray imaging for the inspection of parcels, luggage, vehicles, containers, detection of traces of explosives or narcotics, inspection of persons. Detekt'In reinforces its core business by offering tailor-made solutions.

Compliance and Conformity

Compliance with quality criteria, conformity of configurations, training of operators, assistance with start-up: a constant attention is paid to coordination between the various actors and stakeholders of your project.

Dedicated Services

It is not enough to have powerful products: the equipment maintenance at Detekt'In is conceived as an offer in its own right. For each proposed solution, we are committed to ensuring a local presence of resources and resources, supported by our technical bases located in France and internationally.

Advices and Consultancy

Anticipation and definition of the solution best suited to your needs and your requirements, compliance with your specifications, optimal selection of your complementary products, Detekt'In offers a wide range of services to satisfy all your requests, allow you to excel in your field and create a real competitive advantage.