Direct Fly

Who we are

Direct Fly is a czech company manufacturing and developing ultra-light aircraft.The company has its headquarters and design office in Brno, Czech Republic. The ALTO 912 NG production facility is located in the town of Hluk, in the Zlín region. Test-flying and finishing operations are performed at the Brno - Medlanky airport.

The beginnings of the company date back to the year 2000, when the company developed a new wooden aircraft. Since 2007, Direct Fly has been fully committed to small-scale production of the ALTO aircraft. More than 200 aircraft of this type are currently operated worldwide. The company therefore focuses primarily on small-scale production of the ALTO aircraft and selling of Technology Transfer licenses. Direct Fly is also involved in designing process of a new ultralight aircraft – STOL CRUISER.

Our values

The company specializes in small-scale production and development of lightweight all-metal aircraft. The company has been on the market for over a decade and currently produces ALTO 912 NG Ultra Lightweight Monoplane and develops two other types of sports aircraft.

Our ALTO 912 NG is a safe and affordable plane suitable for tourism as well as instructional flying. We value and cherish our customers wishes so we try to incorporate any one of them into our design.

From the very beginning The ALTO aircraft has been designed as a very simple all-metal design suitable for building in amateur conditions, without the need for special workshop equipment and tools. Doesn’t matter if you’re someone for whom the journey of building the airplane is the best part of an aviation or you are a sport enthusiast who loves flying and doesn’t want to spend their time building the airplane themselves. We got you covered. You can buy our ALTO in three different stages of construction process: as a disassembled BASIC KIT, assembled airframe QUICK KIT or READY TO FLY fully assembled aircraft.

Our presence around the world