FAULHABER Drive Systems

Who we are

FAULHABER Drive Systems

WE CREATE MOTION Drive systems from FAULHABER are masterpieces of precision engineering and electromechanics at the limits of the technically feasible. As pioneer and founder of a high-tech industry, the drive specialist is among the most innovative companies in Germany.

FAULHABER is a leading high-tech supplier in the area of miniature and micro drive technology. From high-performance DC motors with 200 mNm continuous torque to intricately-detailed microdrives with 1.9 mm outside diameter – combinable with matched precision gearheads, encoders, linear components and drive electronics – today the company, founded in 1947, offers the most extensive range of miniature and microdrive systems available from a single source worldwide. On the basis of its technological diversity, FAULHABER designs drive solutions that are unique with respect to their precision and reliability in the smallest of spaces. Their main areas of use include production automation and robotics, aerospace, optical systems as well as medicine and laboratory technology. FAULHABER is a key innovator in these markets, pioneering new directions through top performance in the field of engineering and with vast technological know-how.

The family-run, international group of companies is headquartered in Schönaich in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, one of the economically strongest regions for industrial high technology in Europe. In addition to Germany, FAULHABER maintains development and production locations in Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Romania and Hungary. Moreover, there are sales partners and subsidiaries in more than 30 countries around the world. At present, the drive specialist has more than 2,080 employees, 669 of whom work at the Schönaich location in Germany.

As an innovative leader, it is our philosophy to always be technologically a step ahead of everyone else. To stay up front, FAULHABER strategically invests in research and development as well as in modern process and production technologies in order to time and again set new standards with innovative products. FAULHABER has been repeatedly honoured for their successful and sustainable innovation management, including by the business consultancy A.T. Kearney and WirtschaftsWoche (a leading German business magazine) with the "Best Innovator" Award, and cited as one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

Our values


We are an independently owned, FAULHABER family led group of companies. As the technology leader in the fi eld of miniature drive and microdrive technologies, we have opened new possibilities with our innovative products. Our mission is to create miniature Drive System Solutions that are optimally tuned to the requirements of our customer motion applications. We create Drive System Solutions for markets where precision and reliability in the smallest of spaces is critical. Drive System Solutions that make us unique worldwide and enable our sustainable success and healthy growth.


We have the most extensive portfolio of highly developed miniature drive and microdrive technologies available in the world from a single source. As an internationally oriented, innovative and cooperative group, we use the power of diverse technologies to offer our customers individually and successfully tailored solutions as well as a huge array of standard offerings.


It is our philosophy to be always technically ahead by a nose. We are pioneers, think outside the box and continuously develop our high-performance product technologies with a view toward future needs. We always straddle the boundary of the technically feasible. As we strategically invest in research and development, we also utilize the most innovative modern processes and production strategies to set new standards in innovative products.


We are delighted that our achievements in engineering and extensive technology know-how can open new possibilities for our customers. In offering solutions for customer applications, we pursue our goals with commitment, passion, dedication and dogged perseverance. We explore new technologies, foster ideas, collaborate at every level and develop ourselves further. We are proud to be FAULHABER.


Worldwide, we set the standard in quality and service. We have an uncompromising awareness for quality that is supported by all our employees, to thank for this outstanding position. Our commitment and determination to continuously improve our services, organizational structures and processes drives our international competitiveness and the satisfaction of our customers today and in the long term.


We understand that the success of our products and services rests on the engagement of our employees. Their drive and their motivation are behind every FAULHABER product. Hence, we place great importance on furthering our employees and particularly our junior staff. An intact corporate culture with consistent human resource policies plays an important role at FAULHABER in allowing every individual to develop their own potential.


We seek direct contact with our customers, business partners and colleagues in order to understand and respond to their demands and needs. We are open and honest and treat everyone with respect and appreciation. We are sincere, stand by our word and accept responsibility for our actions as the foundation for trusting relationships. In short, we live by our values.


We are aware of our responsibilities to future generations and make contributions to safeguard the long term. Freely and conscientiously, we make ongoing contributions tothe protection of the environment and the conservation of resources through consistent recycling, strict adherence to international climate protection standards and by responsibly using energy sources and raw materials.