Gis Design S.r.l.

Who we are

Gis Design is a well-established company that has over 20 years of experience in supporting airport authorities in airport safety, ensuring compliance with standards, high-quality certification (ISO 9001:2015) and technological innovation.

The core competencies of Gis Design are around aerodrome and obstacles maps. The company provides a wide range of specialized services, such as potential air navigation obstacles identification, aerodrome chart type “A” and “B” elaboration and specific operating procedures using 3D Geographic Information System. Gis Design has accomplished the census and monitoring activity of air navigation obstacles and has elaborated the constraint map for some of the most important national Italian airports, supporting the airport manager into an entire procedural iter until approval. Moreover, through the use of 3D Geographic Information System, specialized software specifically made by the company and specific operating procedures (as high output cartographic selective restitution), Gis Design is able to satisfy numerous necessities in the field of airport safety, according to ICAO, EASA, national standards, in particular:

- Generation of Obstacle Delimitation and Identification Surfaces (compliant with EASA CS-ADR-DSN);

- Census of air navigation obstacles within the areas under jurisdiction of the airport manager (compliant with EASA Decision AMC & GM for Aerodromes) and realization of obstacles monographs;

- Implementation of the Electronic Terrain and Obstacles Data eTOD, compliant with EASA Decision AMC & GM for Aerodromes and Terrain and Obstacles Data Manual of Eurocontrol, through the 3D Geographic Information System structuring for the air navigation obstacles representation and management;

- Monitoring obstacles marking and lighting system (Reg. UE 139/2014 Surroundings), even in real-time with fault detection automatic systems;

- Aerodrome chart type “A” and “B”, constraint and obstacles delimitation maps elaboration;

- Potential air navigation obstacles identification with high-precision GPS surveys, satellite images, aerial photogrammetric survey and numerical cartography, LiDAR mapping campaign and DTM and DSM digital model creation;

- Monitoring areas around the aerodrome (Surrounding), under Regulation (UE) n. 139/2014 (EASA ADR.OPS.B.075): obstacles and the possibility of induced turbulence; the use of hazardous lights; the dazzling caused by large and highly reflective surfaces; sources of non-visible radiation; non-aeronautical ground light near an aerodrome which may endanger the safety of aircraft, etc;

- Monitoring Wildlife strike hazard (EASA ADR. OPS.B.020)through the use of satellite images and GIS implementation.

Our values

Our main purpose is to satisfy our customers’ (public or private) objectives, and those of whoever joins our project, believes in us and every day contributes to our growth with responsibility, enthusiasm, and passion.