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Who we are

GUINAULT Company has been designing and manufacturing aircraft Ground Support Equipment (GSE) since 1949. Today, GUINAULT is an independent and privately owned company certified ISO9001/2015 which offers a very modern range of products dedicated to all type of aircraft.

Today, more than 20,000 GUINAULT GSE are in operation world-wide in more than 100 countries over the five continents. GUINAULT is the only company, exclusively focussed on the design and manufacturing APU-OFF solutions, including GPU, ASU, ACU.

Specialization, and in-house expertise are key factors at GUINAULT to offer superior products, ensuring the highest reliability, the highest performance to really substitute to the APU on the ground:

400Hz Alternator design, (manufactured by GUINAULT in France), digital electronics, power electronics, industrial refrigeration, thermodynamics are in house expertise.

Thanks to its unique specialized experience in the APU-OFF solutions for decades, GUINAULT claims to be the partner of choice for the airlines, handlers and any third parties looking for savings and emission reductions trough the APU-OFF at the airport.

Because the return on investment for an APU-OFF solution (GPU, ASU, ACU) is impressive, because the reliability of the equipment generates valuable kerosene savings, because too many APUs are still running on the airports due to GSE quality/performances/reliability issues, GUINAULT pays a great attention to the quality of manufacturing, the selection of components, the tests, to ensure the highest performance and reliability. The digital technology is designed in house, to ensure the highest reliability in airport conditions, and to include dedicated service functions to the APU-OFF target.

For all these reasons, GUINAULT is a first choice GSE partner for providing power solutions to handlers, Airports, Airlines, Aircraft/helicopter OEM and Military Armed Forces.

A factory tour being be the best way to witness GUINAULT organization, strategy and expertise: feel free to come, and visit our factory, our design and testing facilities, and its 200 highly qualified and motivated employees.

Our values

GUINAULT has been continuously growing for 12 years and is regularly recruiting to ensure its continued development. The technical jobs carried out at GUINAULT are performed by electronic, electrical, industrial refrigeration and mechanical enginners, senior technicians in the same disciplines, test technicians and developers. The Procurement, Industrialisation and Supplies and Manufacturing Logistics (electrical cables, electromechanics) Department ensure the quality of our products. Technological expertise and manufacturing quality are the founding values of our company cultures of technical innovation and commercial development.

Our sales engineers ensure the growth of our sales in more than 125 countries, by managing a network of international partners. Last but not least, our after-sales services provides technical support to all five continents. We strongly believe in a variety of backgrounds, and in developing skills through work and training. With an average age of 37, GUINAULT is a dynamic and yound company yet still very experienced. We believe in human talent, and rely on the loyalty of our teams.