Who we are

Hergy Lighting Technology Corp. has many years' experience in high power LED module/luminaire development. With thermal, optical, electrical and mechanical design and manufacture capabilities, Hergy has provided all kinds of professional and excellent LED module/luminaire development and production services to our valued customers worldwide.

All Hergy's LED modules/luminaires are developed and made in Taiwan and are in comply with safety, IP and ROHS requirements. By following solid product development procedure and relying on reliable integration capabilities, Hergy can make sure to deliver the highest quality and performance LED module/luminaire to customers continuously. Besides, Hergy can provide LED module/luminaire placement proposal and optical simulation services to meet projects' requirements for customer satisfaction.

Hergy now focus on providing custom LED module/luminaire design and ODM/OEM business for lamp manufacturers, system integrators, engineering companies and contractors for long term cooperation. Developed products include LED module/luminaire for both indoor and outdoor use such as LED streetlight, bay light, flood light, garage light, down light, spot light, work light, etc., which have been qualified and used in many projects and applications.

Our values

Hergy Lighting has strong R&D capabilities in product development to provide customers total LED lighting solutions for various project applications.

LED Module/Luminaire Design -

With thermal, optical, electrical and mechanical design capabilities, solid product development process, and reliability/safety tests, to ensure product specifications & quality can meet the requirements.

Component Design -

Provide heatsink, lens, PCBA and mechanical parts design, tooling, and manufacture.

Electrical Design-

Design input/output current/voltage, support dimming function, circuit/Wi-Fi/programmable control …etc., according to customer requirements.

Optical Simulation-

Base on customer project requirements to provide optical design, LED module/luminaire placement suggestion and Dialux simulation report.


Confirm product quality/manufacturability at design stage, 100% burn-in/electrical/optical tests, and continuous in-line quality improvement.

After Service-

Guarantee product quality and provide in-warranty product failure analysis and RMA service.

We ensure will fast respond and provide our best services to satisfy customers' needs!