iniBuilds Ltd

Who we are

iniBuilds is a cutting edge simulation software company with extensive expertise in geospatial imagery, 3D modelling, texturing, and complex system simulation. Our world class products are now available for businesses as complete solutions tailored to your needs.

We have a large catalogue of models already created. These 3D models are available for purchase and use in your own simulator platform solutions in a variety of formats including, but not limited to, 3DSMax and Blender.

From large mega hub airports and cities to detailed replicas of general aviation aircraft and airliners iniBuilds can build it for you!

As a company with over 30 years experience in the industry, from piloting multiple aircraft types to creating virtual reality training solutions, we know that the visual fidelity of most training devices is lacking.

Simulation training can be significantly cheaper than using traditional devices and immersive Virtual Reality training is proven to enhance learning. Using iniBuilds in your future training scenarios will give you the piece of mind that a performance friendly but equally detailed visual representation is being provided.

Here at iniBuilds we recognise the importance of creating a suitable training environment and the effect negative training can have on student performance. That is why our combination of qualified industry proffesionals and 3D/Geospatial design experts make every effort to create a realistic virtual representation. Given the right data we can build literally all aspects of your operation into a 3D space.

Our values

Highly detailed, custom built airport scenery - Able to be implemented into various simulator platforms.

Highly detailed flight deck models for procedural training - Virtual Reality based procedural training solution. (Up to certification level).

Update and enhance special category airfield training - High-fidelity visual models and approach paths, for example, JFK Canarsie.

Enhance flight deck safety, and equipment training - With haptic touch/VR simulation devices, you can conduct training from a classroom instead of expensive fixed based devices.

Custom interactive aircraft cabin interiors - Virtual Reality based for operation of doors, galleys, emergency equipment use and locations as well as emergency drills.

Enhance cabin safety, and equipment training - With haptic touch/VR simulation devices, engagement in training lessons is increased whilst conducting training from a classroom.

Explore new cabin layouts - Familiarise your staff to new aircraft cabins and their operation portfolio before they’ve even been fitted.

Fully modelled and interactive VR - Able to simulate multiple scenarios.