INTOS Airport Solutions

Who we are

Global partner in airport interiors

INTOS has been working for international airports worldwide since 1991 and acts as a true partner for its clients. We incorporate our knowledge and experience into standard and inventive customised products and services for airports. Ranging from space-saving and flexible counters for check-in, immigration, passport control and boarding to products for airport security and temporary, high-quality toilets. Purely customised, we also fit out shops and complete business class and first class lounges. Thanks to our experience and because we fulfil both the role of furnisher, main contractor and maintenance specialist in airport projects, we oversee these projects completely. This ensures a successful end result that contributes to an environment where both passengers and airport staff are at their full potential!

At an airport, it's all about creating the best passenger experience. Waiting times, service and atmosphere play an important role in that experience. Often industrial-looking equipment does not contribute to this. INTOS has extensive experience in creating enclosures and elements that do contribute to the passenger experience, within the applicable fire safety, sustainability and IATA standards, of course.

Upgrade passenger experience through complete furnishing solutions airports

Each airport is unique; from its location to surface area, passenger flow size and associated safety requirements. There are also recurring elements in the design at each airport. Such as creating atmosphere possible from the sense of place idea, facilitating activities to bridge waiting times and generate revenue and ensuring good hygiene as a service to all passengers. The weighting and combination of all elements makes each airport interior truly unique.

That uniqueness is entirely in keeping with INTOS' approach. Tailored to the needs, possibilities and requirements, we build or renovate terminal interiors including airline lounges, waiting areas, check-in halls, gaming areas, shops and catering facilities. We do this both with customised interiors and with standard products that are produced in series and therefore quickly. For example, our counters and security-related products. With these, we give the passenger experience a real upgrade!

Wide range of airport counters; from immigration to check-in counters

Each area at an airport has its own role in guiding the flow of passengers properly and safely. Counters are supportive of that process and should therefore be fully adapted to the environment in which they are located. We offer a wide range of high-quality counters, both in functionality and design. From immigration desk to information desk to check-in desk and everything in between. And in terms of shape; from straight to oval and rotatable. Also consider a hybrid desk, which can serve both as a traditional check-in, but can also be used as a full self-service desk.

Proactive partner in sustainable airport design

Sustainability and circularity rightly play an increasingly important role in furniture and furnishing material choices, including in architects' designs for airports. Within all our projects, we think proactively about saving materials. Among other things, by making conscious and optimal material choices and facilitating reuse, maintenance and the modular construction of furniture. For instance, from a previous project, we transformed repossessed sofa counters into suitable check-in counters. In doing so, we avoid unnecessary waste of materials. This leads to a lower ecological footprint and potentially lower costs.

The realisation of our fitting-out projects at locations abroad is also sustainable. This is because INTOS always works with its own supervisor and a local assembly team. As a result, our entire team does not have to fly to the location and the local population also benefits. Also, after this cooperation, the local team can also carry out adjustments and maintenance at the airport under INTOS' guidance. This ensures local employment on the one hand and fast and cost-efficient execution on the other.

Our values

Leading now and in the future

The world of interior contracting and furnishing is acquiring an increasingly international character. This demands specialist partners instead of just suppliers. In this world, INTOS has developed to become one of the leading organisations in construction and interior design projects.

Innovation, quality and sustainability

INTOS sets to work with a straight-forward solution-oriented approach. We invest in innovative ideas and work with the best partners. Quality is our most important core value. We strive to deliver high quality and service levels, while never losing sight of the sustainability factor.

Working together from the predevelopment stage

We prefer to cooperate with the customer and /or interior designer from the earliest stages of the project. Through early involvement in a project, very short development and lead times can be realised. Clear budget agreements are reached in advance, with INTOS playing a coordinating role for all the parties involved.

Continuity guaranted

Our people form an important link in the chain in achieving our objectives. INTOS guarantees this continuity through giving people with key positions a share in the company. We also attach great value to our advisory council, which keeps a keen eye on the strategy realisation of INTOS.