Who we are

Our aerospace product lines are continually expanding to provide our customers with solutions for commercial, business and civil aviation, as well as military and cargo aircraft applications. Our extensive knowledge and experience within these markets enables us to provide our customers with superior products, services and support. At ITT, we solve it! We recently introduced rotorcraft applications to our line of products & services to expand upon our inventory of aircraft parts. Aircraft components have always been a part of our product line with parts such as anti-icing valves, fuel temperature switches, even landing gear valves. With the addition of rotorcraft applications, we will be able to provide more specialized pieces to keep any aircraft up and running to industry standards.

Our values

Building on our heritage of innovation, ITT partners with our customers to deliver enduring solutions to the key industries that underpin our modern way of life. With employees in more than 30 countries across the world & sales in 125+ countries, it’s no surprise that ITT is a trailblazer in the manufacturing industry. ITT Aerospace offers the best in highly engineered critical components, customized technology solutions for growing industrial end-markets in energy infrastructure, electronics, aerospace and transportation. We take pride in being a leader in the industry and helping our clients get exactly what they need. Contact us today to see what ITT can do for you!

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