Who we are

Kumahira Co.,Ltd.

~Anzen安全 & Anshin安心~

The Kumahira Group has built up the history as the leading company of security industry in Japan based on prominent development ability and honed product quality more than a century since its founding in 1898.

Now, the Group is accelerating expanding total security products.
Through these technologies and qualities, we contribute to support your Anzen and Anshin.

[Company information]

Address: 1-42 Ujina-Higashi 2-Chome Minami-ku, Hiroshima 734-8567 Japan

Factories: Plant at Ujina and Chiyoda, Hiroshima prefecture in Japan

Foundation: January,1898

Establishment: December,1943

Description of business: Manufacturing safes, vault doors, security gates, and other metallic products

ISO Certificate: ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 14001 : 2015, ISO / ISE 27001 : 2013

Testing furnace for fire-resistance: Authorized by JNLA (Japan National Laboratory Accreditation System) (ISO17025)

EMC: Authorized by VCCI

President & CEO: Akinobu Kumahira

Capital: 450 million yen

Number of employees: 483 as of 2022

Phone: +81-82-251-2111

World wide sales network:

East Asia (South Korea, China)

South East Asia (Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar)

South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan)

Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Israel, Turkey)

Europe (France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Germany, Ukraine)

Australia, New Zealand, African countries, Brazil, and more…

Our values

[The history of Kumahira and its main areas of focus]

Kumahira was founded in 1898 by Genzo Kumahira, a man with burning ambitions to protect people’s valuables from danger. At that time, the company specialized in selling and repairing safes, but later on, established itself as Japan’s NO.1 safe manufacturer after succeeding in developing and manufacturing safes and vault doors in its own factory. In recent years, we have built on the security expertise and technology we have developed through the manufacture of safes to offer a wider range of security products, such as access control systems, security gates, and liquid scanners. The entire process of planning, developing, and manufacturing of these products are done in-house with flexibility, as we take it as our responsibility to ensure that our products are responding to the changing risks and needs of the times as well as bringing safety and security to the next level for our valued customers.

[Our product range]

Our products can be divided into two groups. The first is the rigid products group which Kumahira has its origins in. Safes and vault doors fall into this product group. The second is the “TS products group”, which includes security gates and liquids scanners. TS stands for “total security”. All of these products are assembled and manufactured under strict quality control at our ISO 9001-certified factory in Japan, and we continue to provide products that our customers can trust and use with confidence.

[Looking for partners]

Kumahira believes that its mission as a company is to "protect all things of value and importance from all kinds of threats, and therefore provide safety and security to our customers," and under this mission, Kumahira will never stop to evolve.

Currently, Kumahira is expanding its business overseas. We are looking for partners from all over the world who will share Kumahira's mission and earnestly develop business with us.