Lico Stahl- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Who we are

LICO – “Our reliability creates satisfaction”

Based on this general principle, LICO Stahl- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH has developed and manufactured high-quality products made of aluminium and stainless steel at company headquarters in Unterhaching near Munich for a wide range of applications.

Product foci are accessories for the aviation and aerospace, the gases industry and automotive industry, as well as custom machinery.
In addition to ongoing new developments in our core skills areas, we also build devices and systems based on customer requirements.

Our products are characterized by high quality standards – “Made in Germany” quality.

Our values

We see ourselves as a cosmopolitan company. We repeatedly face new challenges and constantly adjust to new conditions and requirements from customers and markets with courage and entrepreneurial spirit. The guidelines of our entrepreneurial activities are quality awareness, diligence, flexibility and teamwork.
Based on this company philosophy, we have identified the following fundamental LICO values, on which we base our actions.

1. Teamwork

We are a small team in which everyone can count on support from others and any employee, independent of his or her role, can actively contribute to the further development of the company.

2. Trust

Our company culture is based on mutual trust, on honest and transparent communication, and on fair cooperation.

3. Reliability

We are aware of our responsibility for results, resources and our own decisions. Our commitment and passion for our tasks, combined with our adherence to schedules, lead to high customer and employee satisfaction.

4. Efficiency

Our efficiency is based on our professional expertise, flexibility and speed.

5. Quality

Our quality awareness is reflected in everything we do. In selecting employees and suppliers, in developing and manufacturing products, as well as in the introduction and optimization of processes. This is why we create satisfaction with everything we do.

6. Courage

We have the courage to be innovative and to approach things from a new angle, even if it requires us to use a large amount of resources. In our house the continuous improvement process is part of daily business.

7. Entrepreneurial spirit

We demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit during our daily work. We are capable of acting, make decisions quickly and never give up. We are ready for the future!