Limox GmbH

Who we are

Limox is one of the leading manufacturers of aircraft and helicopter models.

At Limox we are experts in the development, production, and distribution of true to scale airplane models.

In addition, we offer a great range of collectibles, merchandise products and services for the global aviation industry.

For more than ten years we have been operating from our headquarters in Kassel, Germany, expanding our expertise consistently.

From our Factory in Asia we distribute our products to customers all over the world.

We develop and produce own product lines in order to support our customers setting up and boosting an image for their companies. In this context we offer inventive sales inducement.

Different models of aircraft can be produced in a range of scales using diverse material and colors as measured by the guidelines of our clients.

For any kind of request we supply a customized solution. LIMOX presents blueprints and produces samples to make sure all your wishes are included before the final production starts. Even the packaging design can be adapted individually to the needs of our customers. Cooperating with LIMOX you get the singular chance to receive your product as a whole all from one source.

On top of that we’re able to present a suitable concept for any available budget.

Our values

Success always starts with competent and individual guidance. Due to an own design department we’re able to work on each and every wish of our customers quickly and professionally – right from the start.

A well structured chain of production enables us to work in an economic, flexible and reliable way.

High quality, true-scale and above all detailed models are our passion.

We’re already waiting for a new challenge!