Who we are

Midstream is a global leader in designing and supplying LED lighting for airport applications, which includes apron lighting, high-mast ramp illumination, illumination of cargo platforms, general aviation area lighting, car parks and large area lighting.

Midstream has been a pioneer of high quality LED projectors since 2010, and has built a reputation in the aviation market as the supplier of choice for major international hub airports as well as smaller regional airports around the world. We work with airports in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, India, as well as airports in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and SE Asia.

Our focus has been on LED technology for apron application, so we would not propose a street lamp or a sports projector for your platforms. When you need a reliable solution for mission-critical application, Midstream is the right partner.

We are in a continuous process of research and development, leading the market with gains in efficiency, reliability, thermal management and power. We work together with our partners such as Cree and Osram to be at the forefront of performance and a pioneer of high power LED lighting for airport applications – Midstream Lighting. We have developed a dedicated line to cater for high heat environments to provide reliability in hot climate conditions.

We have full ownership of our IP, including our proprietary asymmetric optic lens system for low glare conditions, our thermal dissipation design and our component integration. We work with the best-in-class components, we use top-bin LED chips and we improve our product lines regularly to stay ahead of the market trends.

Midstream is your high-mast airport apron lighting partner that understands the constraints and challenges of working in a dynamic environment.

Our experience of working airside and landside of major international hubs (as well as regional airports) allows us to mitigate risks before they occur and to respond to challenges when they arise. When it comes to our customers in South America, we specialise in iluminación de platforma aviones and can provide technical materials in Spanish.

We have the full in-house capability to support you with additional lighting designs, as-built drawings, site surveys, investigations and reports. Our reaction time is very short and a dedicated account manager will be always fully briefed and on standby to respond.

Midstream is the Winner of the prestigious “Inter Airport Innovations Award 2015”, presented by the CEO of Munich Airport for its Titan Series LED Floodlight.

As an airport operator, you will need a lighting system that is well-engineered, robust, dependable, reliable, fit-for-purpose and made to last. This is what Midstream offers and that is why so many airport operators choose Midstream as their apron-floodlighting partner.

Our values

Midstream aims to be the Tier 1, first choice supplier for advanced lighting solutions to airports and infrastructure operators globally.